This nightmare had gone from bad to worse in less than a month. How is it that not only did I find out I had one of the sickest sexually transmitted diseases known to man, but then my ass tried to kill my husband and myself in the process? Not to mention my parents were ready to disown meā€¦again.

Meet the Author Ashara!

Ashara is a survivor of mental illness and domestic abuse. A graduate of Detroit's illustrious Cass Technical High School, she was named Copy Editor of her yearbook and was also a graphics layout consultant. She started writing stories at the age of 7 after a teacher suggested she put her active imagination on paper. "Done" was her debut novel and it has received rave reviews and demands for a sequel since its release in 2008. Ashara is a single mother to her son, Alexander, and resides in the suburbs of Detroit.

-Excerpt from the best-selling book Craving Insanity